Some 40+ Projects I worked on during good old college days

I am a Computer Science Graduate having an average curriculum ranking. Please don’t judge me already, I was busy doing some other fun stuffs.
I headed the college’s official computer society; organized multiple events; did 4 internships, 25-30 freelance projects and in free time used to play badminton. Also, how can i forget the Dance.
From the all the projects I did across web development, VFX, graphic designing let me walk you through few of them which were really interesting and close to me.

Balala - AI based depression analysis monitoring tweets

Do you remember Baymax, the personal health assistant from Big hero 6? Me and my friend went gaga over him and just loved the character so much that we named one of our hack after him, the famous fist bump ~ Balala.


IBM Blumix Hackathon - 48 Hours


Create a hack using IBM watson, the artificial intelligence project by IBM’s DeepQA.


Use watson’s natural langugage processing and deep intelligence to find traits of depression in users on social media using their feed.

  • Take twitter handle as input from the user.
  • Read all the tweets/retweets
  • Send it to watson using the API and get behavioural traits.
  • Segregate depression traits from all others.
  • Create a mapping of score out of 100
  • Display the score and let the user send a smile to their beloved ones.

6th position among 1400 teams.
Fun fact - We were not planning to participate until the last 4 hours of tha hackathon and submitted just in time creating it from scratch.

Context aware information extraction from email

243 unread mails - I guess every inbox has seen such numbers once in a while. With all the promotional emails swarming up our inbox, it becomes really annoying and important information along with exciting offers relevant to us are lost in space.


Final year college project


Extract structured information from email which could be leveraged to create applications across different domains like finance, marketing, health etc.


It all started when I lost control on my expenses and couldn’t figure out where my pocket money was going. Being a lazy bum, I didn’t want to use the applications out there since they required manual effort. By then, I was mainly dealing in cashless transactions and received email for each one of them adding to my already long list of unread mails and thus the idea was born.

We exposed an API with structured information from email and created a webapp using it to manage expenses.

  • Use google api to get relevant encrypted information from email.
  • Segregate transactional emails from others.
  • Calculate the total spending for a month and display the results.
Aadhaar pay - Aadhaar based e-wallet

Yeah I know, Aadhaar ! Not again !!
But back then, e-wallets were not so mainstream as we have now and nor was aadhaar a hype. Besides, the ones existing, didn’t have any proper user authentication and one could make multiple accounts using email-ids.


Aadhaar hackathon by Govt. of India


Use Aadhar two factor authentication api to create an application.


We decided to create an e-wallet which can integrate UID of individuals for authorizing online transactions using the auth api of aadhaar. One of advantage we thought, was to monitor these transactions and prevent tax fraud. Silly thought, I know!

  • Create user interface for e-wallet with user information, transaction history, pay to friend feature.
  • Authenticate the user with aadhaar auth api which sends a sms based on the UID number and prevents multiple accounts.
  • Integrate payment gateway.

Stood in top 10 teams among 2400 at a national level.

VFX clips

I was always fascinated by visual effects in Hollywood movies and wanted to create video clips of my own. No, I didn’t become the next Speilsberg, but yeah I started small and came across After Effects and 3ds max. All I needed now was a camera and a story.

The Computer Society I was part of, had an orientation programme every year to introduce it to the freshers. I took it as an opportunity to create my first VFX clip. Thank you, Andrew Crammer of Videocopilot, you are a genius !
Time: 3 months (as I was learning from start throughout the entire span.)

Every college fest has a story to tell, mine had too. I used stop motion techniques in this one to convey.
Time: 4 weeks

That time of the year again, when a bunch of freshers entered the college. And what could be better than a tour of the college with transformers and fighter helicopters roaming around, to tell us how cool we were as a part of the computer society where they can learn to create it.
Time: 18 straight hours

Apart from this I created many websites with a custom CMS as freelance projects like,,, samarpan - IIM shillong fest site, zealicon - our college annual fest’s site. These really helped me with client interactions and rapid production.

For someone still in college who’s reading this, I would advice to spend as much time as you can in creating side projects apart from your curriculum. And never be afraid to pick something new. They help you a lot in evolving and gives exposure to the awesome work, community around you is doing. It helped me a lot and made me who I’m today.